The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

the very act of..

CABLING!!!  That’s right, folks, I’m cabling.  Looks nothing like the picture, though, but it might be too early in the scarf ( I have about 2 inches) to tell.  It’s on a different gauge, also… so it might look a bit wacky.  Oh well…. I’ll get it eventually.  😦  Any hoos… this is my skill for the month.  (remember yesterdays resolutions?)  Because it is so early in the month, I might add an extra skill to this months skills.  How exciting!  I have to admit about cabling, I LOVE IT.  It seems so hard, but it is actually very easy.  I’m proud of myself.  ::pats self on back::  I’m trying very hard to work out cabling, and I am excited when I can knit something like Fetching or a big cabled afgan– I really want to knit a cabled afgan- you know the ones with the GIANT cables down the middle?  Or maybe on of those ones that are knit in 3 panels.  I want one for college.  That might be my summer in the ac project.  What do you think?  I’m thinking one knit with double or tripled extra bulky, and with a HUMONGO cable down the middle.  It would be teidious, but man, it would go by fast!!  It would be a “fun” knit.

There will be infrequent pictures for a while, because I have to send my camera back to the company because it has a bad screen.  I really hope that they will fix it, because I bought it during Black Friday at a great price and I can’t seem to find the same camera anywhere!  It’s perfect for me!  If they don’t fix it, I will probably buy another one and return that one.  😦

On to more knitting.  I’m still working on that ribbed scarf, and have now added a hole in which so I can tuck it in.   It’s at a strange place, and I’m letting you know, it’s going to be a very long keyhole scarf.  It’s kind of my “fallback” project, ya know what I mean?

I also gifted the purple washcloth to my grandmother.


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  1. * Kat says:

    I was soooo scared of cableing until I tried it a few weeks ago on a stuffed animal sweater! (Those are awesom for trying new skills) I was SO suprised how easy it was!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago
  2. * Kaya says:

    Cabling is easy when using two needles, and when using a cable needle. Congrat’s on learning to cable. 😀

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 5 months ago

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