The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

I love my iPod

Sorry about the random title.  It’s just I couln’t think of something to put, so I plugged that in.  Woo!  (that looks like wool..mmmm.. wool..)  So how has everyone been doing?  I’m pretty good, but kinda tired.  I’m seriously considering going to bed at 8 tonight.  Hey-I would get tons of sleep!

Onto other stuff….

I think that the regimen is starting to make an improvement.  It’s not that noticeable, but I think that my acne is starting to get less red.  The stuff that I use at night (Clean and Clear Persa-Gel10) makes my skin feel tight, but I think that its working.  If you have acne, I encourage you to go and try it.  If it doesn’t help you, so be it.  But it’s def. worth a try, don’tcha think?

I play lacrosse in school, and it’s going, well, it’s going.  Our team isn’t exactly good but we def. try and put up a fight. I play it because I like it and it’s fun.  <– notice I didn’t say that I’m good myself (teehee)

This year, I had the chance to go to Italy during spring break, but my family couldn’t afford it, so I couldn’t go.  They are in Italy now, and I wish that I could go so bad.  I go to a private school, but that doesn’t mean that we are super-rich.  I really hate all of those super-rich people who are like “oh, 2000$?  That’s not that expensive!)

In knitting, I’m still working on the socks.

Okay, so g2g.  See ya next time! ::smack!::

btw: my mom came home from the hospital today!


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  1. * AJ says:

    Why was your mom in the hospital?

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago
  2. * Elizabeth says:

    I’m glad that your mom is home from the hospital!!

    I’m doing track this spring…and it’s sort of the same thing…I try hard but I’m not great.

    Hope you have a good Monday!

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 2 months ago

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