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blog buddies: stash day!!

(warning: this is a picture heavy post!)

what’s that you ask?  Well, that’s my STASH!

today, knitter819, my blog buddy, and I decided to blog about our stashes.  I have to admit, although I don’t have as much as some, I do have a lot of yarn!

in this picture, we have a close up of my needles (in the purple jar), my st markers (in the little plastic thing), my odds n ends yarn (in the clear container) my sock yarn (black box) and my roving (orange box)

here is a close up of my “reg” stash, with some fos in there!  I keep it all in a old dress up “trunk”

close up of inside of trunk.

some sock yarn

Well, that’s my stash!!!  LOok for pics of my 1/2 done quilt, and my wips later!


socks! blog buddy kind!

So, 2 posts in a day.  Yay.  Well, this is a time for celebration, because it’s BLOG BUDDY TIME!! woot!

So, my blog buddy, knitter819, (her blog is here) and I have decided to blog about socks on this fine night. Sooo…. socks are super fun to knit.  I haven’t actually finished a sock yet, but I do have 3 sock WIPs.  They are addictive.  I am currently knitting 3 pairs of plain vanilla socks, but I want to try the Monkey sock (from and the Jaywalkers (which were from Magknits, but since that has closed, you can download it from Ravelry.  non ravelers, SIGN UP FOR RAVELRY NOW!!

that’s all for tonight.  I’m sleepy, so to bed i go!

as for Aj’s comment on why my mom was in the hospital, she had surgery.  She’s doing much better.