The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

Took a little [unexpected] break….

Hey Blog!  I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for just disappearing like that.  I needed a break, and I got it.  But the good thing is that I’m back.  I really am!  I’m serious.  Stop laughing, because I’m going to do my best to write at least once a week.

Not a lot, no, make that NOTHING has been knitted.  I haven’t been knitting at all.  I also needed a break from that.  This doesn’t mean that I’m stopping forever, I usually take the summer off from knitting because I hate my hands being hot, and knitting does that for me in the summer. Soon, i’m starting my winter wear knitting, scarves, hats, gloves (hopefully!).

In other news, I’m starting school on September 2nd.  I’m a little excited, but kinda nervous because I’ll be new.  I know a lot of kids though, so that’s good.  Have you gotten your back to school clothes yet?  I haven’t- well, I got a pair of jeans.  I’m planning on going with some friends or buying some online.  Forever 21 has tanks for $3.50! That’s a bargain.  I’ll post some photos later.

I’m curious what you guys buy for school.  I usually some ts (3)  and a pair of jeans, and a pair of shoes.  In the past years I’m gotten a lot more, but i’m saving my money for the big sales after school starts!