The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

Last days of summer…

So open house has come and gone, so that means one thing: only a few prescious days of summer left to enjoy.  BUt, these last days (at least at my house) at filled with back-to-school supply shopping, cleaning, and getting ready for the new year.  Since I’m going to be having block schulding, I’m only have 3 academic classes a day, plus band/pe (they alternate x and y days).  So this semester I’m taking English, French, PE/Band, and Advanced Algebra 2.  So, it should be “fun!”  Totally.  All the school supplies I need are a new band book, 2 binders and a notebook!  This is the least amount of school supplies I’ve needed-ever!  So that’s exciting.  So I picked up my school supplies, plus a pink pencil case (the kind that was 5cents at staples!), pens, pencils, dry erase markers, and book socks.  I’m really nervous, because I’m going back to public school after 1 1/2 years of private. (!)  So I’m pretty nervous, but I think that it shouldn’t be that bad because I have french and band/pe with my one of my really really good friends, so that’s awesome. But I’m really unhappy about my lunch.  On X days, I have 3rd lunch (there are 3 lunches, the only one that’s at like 12:30), and on Y days, I have 1st lunch (which should be called “breakfast”)  Joy.  So that should be, erm, fun.  But I love the smell of new school supplies and the pencil-erasar-chalk-floor polish school smell.  Yum.

A new thing that I have started is a youTube channel!  Yep, I’m a youtubechanneler!  Find me on youtube, I’m knittchick there as well. I only have one video up now, because it’s taking forever to up load, but I have many more coming, I promise!

So what are you doing these last days of summer?  Lemme know!