The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

Happy 2009!

Well, technically it isn’t 2009, yet, but it is almost here. Tonight I’m going to a party (no, not a party like that. it seriously is a whole bunch of girls at a slumber party.) so I can’t blog at the stroke of midnight. We will be toasting sparkling cider and watching the ball drop, also celebrating my friend Katie’s birthday, which is Jan 1. (I believe she was like the 3/4th baby born in the new year that year.)

So happy New Year and happy crafting!

Happy 2009!

Well, technically it isn’t 2009, yet, but it is almost here. Tonight I’m going to a party (no, not a party like that. it seriously is a whole bunch of girls at a slumber party.) so I can’t blog at the stroke of midnight. We will be toasting sparkling cider and watching the ball drop, also celebrating my friend Katie’s birthday, which is Jan 1. (I believe she was like the 3/4th baby born in the new year that year.)

So happy New Year and happy crafting!

Fall, fall, fall, I love fall!

Can you tell?  Yep, I love fall.  It’s well into fall, and I’m in love.  I’ve actually starting fall knitting and sewing.  And I have pictures!  Yay!

here ya go:

first is a hat, done on 13s, with Lion Brand Thick and Quick, rasberry

then my sewed scarf, with a patchwork of flowed and a blue, and then an old white long sleeved tee on the back, with a lil’ pocket!

then, is my knit scarf (one enlarged, one not), from this awesome pattern, which is knit one, yarn over, knit two together, until end, knit one! try it! using Lion Brand Thick and Quick in pumpkin

I hope you enjoyed!  See you later!

rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.

Hey everyone!  Actually the title is misleading.  I actually love rainy days.  They are my favorite days ever!  They make you want to wear fuzzy socks and curl up and knit and watch sappy love stories!  Yay!

I’m actually going to be featuring knitting on this blog soon!  I’m going to start a hat for the Chunky Monkey Hat/Cowl  KAL!  That’s a mouthful.  I think that I’m going to do a simple roll brimmed hat.  I’m at the library now, and I’m going to ask my mom if we can stop at the local Michael’s on the way home to buy knitty goodies.  I think that I’m going to make a hat-scarf-glove set, in a deep purple or burgandy.  They are such pretty colors!

I can’t believe it’s almost semptember.  I, for one, LOVES september and october.  They are my favorite months, because fall is my favorite season of all time!  I love how crisp the weather is and how pretty the leaves look when they change color and how there are pumpkins and scarecrows and gourds.  I love how in fall, it’s not too hot, but it’s not that cold, and you can wear jeans!  I love jeans.  I love going to pumpkin patchs.  I actually just applied for a job as a seasonal employee at a pumpkin patch!  I hope I get the job, it would be awesome!  Spending weekends in one of my favorite places in the world!  I almost for got one of the awesome things about fall:  apples are in season!  I’m going to try my hand at making an apple pie this year, so that should be fun.  I also love the colors of fall.  Reds, burgandys, golds, oranges, etc.   They are so pretty!
So that’s that.  have a good day everyone!

I love my iPod

Sorry about the random title.  It’s just I couln’t think of something to put, so I plugged that in.  Woo!  (that looks like wool..mmmm.. wool..)  So how has everyone been doing?  I’m pretty good, but kinda tired.  I’m seriously considering going to bed at 8 tonight.  Hey-I would get tons of sleep!

Onto other stuff….

I think that the regimen is starting to make an improvement.  It’s not that noticeable, but I think that my acne is starting to get less red.  The stuff that I use at night (Clean and Clear Persa-Gel10) makes my skin feel tight, but I think that its working.  If you have acne, I encourage you to go and try it.  If it doesn’t help you, so be it.  But it’s def. worth a try, don’tcha think?

I play lacrosse in school, and it’s going, well, it’s going.  Our team isn’t exactly good but we def. try and put up a fight. I play it because I like it and it’s fun.  <– notice I didn’t say that I’m good myself (teehee)

This year, I had the chance to go to Italy during spring break, but my family couldn’t afford it, so I couldn’t go.  They are in Italy now, and I wish that I could go so bad.  I go to a private school, but that doesn’t mean that we are super-rich.  I really hate all of those super-rich people who are like “oh, 2000$?  That’s not that expensive!)

In knitting, I’m still working on the socks.

Okay, so g2g.  See ya next time! ::smack!::

btw: my mom came home from the hospital today!


Hey all!  Sorry about the whole “MIA” thing.  Life has been pretty wild.  I mean really wild.  Well, not really.  But kinda!
So knitting.. I’ve been working on a new sock, on the heel flap.  It’s on size 2 circs, and fingering weight Knit Picks Sock Garden, color morning glory.  It’s coming, I guess.  I haven’t really been knitting this past week (spring break.)  My mom had surgery yesterday, so she’s still in the hospital.

On to other stuff……

Yesterday I started the reigimen.  I can’t tell if it’s working yet, but from the many, many sucess stories on the website, I’d suggest that you give it a try.  It uses over-the-counter medications, and it gives you tons of information!

Has any other word-press-ers seen the new layout?  Love it!

Resolution Re-count time!

So here were my knitting resolutions:


 knitting resolutions:

1.  expand knitting knowledge by one skill per month.  At least.  More is fine.  I want to learn more, but am afraid that I will not, so I have made myself a little “incentave”.  I have been keeping up with this!  Jan. was cabling, Feb. was socks.  I think that March is going to be using 2 circs to knit socks, but I have a lot of projects I need to finish *gulp*

2.  knit socks.   I know that this kind of goes with above… but I need to point it out.  I have been weary of socks but NO MORE!  I can now use DPNs so I’m all set… but I need a simple simple pattern…  (goes to search ravelry….)

3. crochet better.  enough said.

4. get over knitting fears.  see #1.

5.  do more KISsing.  (KnittingInSchool)

6.  find a LYS.  I think that I found one.. but I love Michael’s *sniff* found one-haven’t visited it yet, though!


I’m working really hard on trying to finish my sock.  It’s taking forever.  Just goes round and round and round and round and round.  It’s still the first sock, too!!!

Okay, g2g.  Longer post later!

i’ve been tagged! and I can knit socks!

I’ve been tagged! I was tagged for the Power of Seven by Knitasaur! This is a little blog meme (that’s what’s its called, right?) Well, this is the first on I’ve done, so it’s exciting!

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

okay… so here are my 7 random/weird things!

1.  I’m a lefty.  Actually, I’m Ambidextrous, at least smei.  I write much better with my left, and it’s my maim hand, but I use my right also for stuff like baseball, bball, etc.

2.  I’m Jewish.  I love being a Jew, and my Bat Mitzvah was on June 2, 2007.  My party was the next day and it was on a boat!  Here is some pics….

f10_102641.jpg me cutting the cake!! I love my dress, and my friend just told me the other day how she laughed when I came in wearing a pink dress becasue she always teases me about wearing pink!  But I love the dress… It’s so pretty!  You can’t really see it here, but it has a cool like layery thing.

3.  Something weird: I lost one of my teeth in 2nd grade in a pb&j.  I was eating my sandwhich, and my front two teeth were loose (at the same time), and all of a sudden, something cruchy was in my sandwhich. I spit it out and volia! there was a tooth in the gunk.  and I was bleeding.  pleasant.

4.   I actually learned to crochet first, before knitting, but didn’t like it (I like it now, though) and then learned how to knit!

5.  I can sew.  I love sewing.  It’s fun and fast.

6.  My cell phone is gold and glittery.  The color is “Champange”.  I LOVE IT!

7.  I sleep with 4 stuffed animals every night.  (ew not like that, sicko!!)  Lambie, Rainbow, Jessie, and Fritz.  In that order.  always.

so hence forth I tag… 7 people!

I tag…




Soccer Girl Knits




Enjoy!  Go forth!


In knittng terms, check out my rav page (I’m knittchick) for pics. I’m too lazy to post them here.

Also, I’m knitting my first socks!  I knit a ‘practice’ one, and I’m still working on that, but I’m also knitting a real one on size 3s and sport weight yarn.  It’s the tinyist I’ve worked with but I love how all of the sts look so tiny and perfect! It’s quite fun, don’t cha say.  I’m just using a basic sport weight socks pattern.  (Just Yer Basic Sport Sock, by Alyson Johnson)

Today I went on a really long hike, so now I’m really tired. 😦  So knitting time!  Yays!

**sorry for the long post!

Knitting and cleaning. what a day.

Today was quite the feat.  I started the day by waking at 9:30am by my mother (I could totally have slept until 11:00.  Then I got up, made my bed, and went downstairs, made my self some peanut butter toast and orange juice.  (Well, it’s V8 harvest, which is 1/2 veggie and 1/2 fruit, but you can’t taste the veggie.  It’s yummy)  After breakfast, I came upstairs again and started cleaning my room.  It took me a while.  First I started doing the ovbious stuff, like making the bed, etc.  Then I picked EVERYTHING off the floor and vacuumed it.  I think that it was the best vacuuming my room has ever gotten!!  Then I put everything back where it belonged.  So now it’s clean, I just need to finish putting my clothes in my dresser.  This made me very, very happy.  So after this I changed into day clothes, (yes, I clean in my pj’s.  It’s easier!)  and started my homework.  Didn’t get much of this done, in fact I mostly surfed the web.  Then about 1, I went downstairs and made some yummy cookies.  Then I ate a “Cup o Noodles” for lunch.  And I walked down my driveway (it’s 1/3 mile long) and got the mail with my sister.  After that I grabbed my Irish Hiking Scarf and went to watch She’s the Man with my mom and sister.  That was fun.  I had a spaghetti sandwich and a corn muffin for dinner.  And I’m about to take a shower, and curl up with my knitting and iPod.  Fun times.  So that was my day!

I’m in love with knitted washcloths!

First off, I want to thank everyone for commenting on my bl0g!!  I will  make sure to visit and comment on your blogs!!


I am obsessed with knitting washcloths.  This morning, I used the one that I showed you yesterday in the shower.. and I LOVE it.  It’s nice and weighty (not in a bad way) and gets nice and soapy.  It is kind of weird– I mean, c’mon a teenager knitting washcloths?  It seems kind of strange..  but don’t knock em till you have tried them.  They are perfect for throwing in your bag and taking with you.  I also love them becasue they are so instanct gratification.  In two  days presto– a new washcloth.  I highly suggest them…a great first one is one.  I like it becasue it is fast, and pretty, and easy!!

 Another thing I wanted to talk about is knitted gifts.  What do you guys give?  I didn’t give any this year, but I want to next year.   I was thinking washcloths with soap for the adults, and don’t know what to do for the kids.. any suggestions?

I leave you with a picture i took yesterday when we walked to the beach near our house..  My camera died so no knitting pics today.  😦  When the camera battery charges, I will post!!