The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

socks! blog buddy kind!

So, 2 posts in a day.  Yay.  Well, this is a time for celebration, because it’s BLOG BUDDY TIME!! woot!

So, my blog buddy, knitter819, (her blog is here) and I have decided to blog about socks on this fine night. Sooo…. socks are super fun to knit.  I haven’t actually finished a sock yet, but I do have 3 sock WIPs.  They are addictive.  I am currently knitting 3 pairs of plain vanilla socks, but I want to try the Monkey sock (from and the Jaywalkers (which were from Magknits, but since that has closed, you can download it from Ravelry.  non ravelers, SIGN UP FOR RAVELRY NOW!!

that’s all for tonight.  I’m sleepy, so to bed i go!

as for Aj’s comment on why my mom was in the hospital, she had surgery.  She’s doing much better.


Well… that didn’t work like I thought it would…

So I cabled.  And the cables tricked me.

I was so happy, but then I just got frustrated and did what every self-respected knitter does-I frogged the darn thing.  And I feel soo much better.  Trust me, I will try again.  Soon.

But, the next thing on my knitting agenda is two things: and aftgan and Hannah or Fetching.  I’m going to design the pattern for the aftgan, and Hannah or Fetching is for the teen knitter groups on ravelry KAL!!  I’m so excited!  This will be my first KAL and I really want it to be great!  Any ideas on which pattern I should do?

What I’m working on now is still the ribbed scarf, and another washcloth.  (seriously,people those things are addicting, er, fun.  Today, I went to Logan’s with my family and the wait was like 30 mins, and I just sat there, having the time of my life knitting a washcloth!

I want to thank Ravelry once more…. I really am happy that I have met so many friends (and blog readers!) though it.  I really love it.  I go on it more than I should at least an hour a day total, but it’s totally worth it.  Thanks Casey and Jess for creating something that has literally changed my world.

On a more personal note, I would like to ask everyone to send a little thought to my mom and grandma, who are both in the hospital.  (great timing, right?)  Their okay, mom has blood clots or something or other and grandma has a bunch of things going wacko.  (then again, she is diabetic, so that contributes to the factor.)  So please just send a teensy little thought their ways.

And have a good weekend, everyone!  I will!