The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

Resolution Re-count time!

So here were my knitting resolutions:


 knitting resolutions:

1.  expand knitting knowledge by one skill per month.  At least.  More is fine.  I want to learn more, but am afraid that I will not, so I have made myself a little “incentave”.  I have been keeping up with this!  Jan. was cabling, Feb. was socks.  I think that March is going to be using 2 circs to knit socks, but I have a lot of projects I need to finish *gulp*

2.  knit socks.   I know that this kind of goes with above… but I need to point it out.  I have been weary of socks but NO MORE!  I can now use DPNs so I’m all set… but I need a simple simple pattern…  (goes to search ravelry….)

3. crochet better.  enough said.

4. get over knitting fears.  see #1.

5.  do more KISsing.  (KnittingInSchool)

6.  find a LYS.  I think that I found one.. but I love Michael’s *sniff* found one-haven’t visited it yet, though!


I’m working really hard on trying to finish my sock.  It’s taking forever.  Just goes round and round and round and round and round.  It’s still the first sock, too!!!

Okay, g2g.  Longer post later!