The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

Fall, fall, fall, I love fall!

Can you tell?  Yep, I love fall.  It’s well into fall, and I’m in love.  I’ve actually starting fall knitting and sewing.  And I have pictures!  Yay!

here ya go:

first is a hat, done on 13s, with Lion Brand Thick and Quick, rasberry

then my sewed scarf, with a patchwork of flowed and a blue, and then an old white long sleeved tee on the back, with a lil’ pocket!

then, is my knit scarf (one enlarged, one not), from this awesome pattern, which is knit one, yarn over, knit two together, until end, knit one! try it! using Lion Brand Thick and Quick in pumpkin

I hope you enjoyed!  See you later!

The Not-So-Magic Scarf

For the teen knitter KAL, I was going to do the Magic Scarf. I was doing some stash-busting, and decided to use some Patrons Bohemian novelty yarn. ‘oo.. soft!’ I thought ‘it’ll be perfect. ‘ Perfect for garter st, but not for the magic scarf. I had already started it, so I came up with this little pattern… bear in mind this is my first pattern. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment!

The Not-So-Magic Scarf

This scarf is about 3 inches wide and 3 1/2 feet long.. it’s a short one skein scarf, that is made in 4 sections. If you prefer a longer/wider scarf, purchase more yarn and co in multiples of 2.


1 ball of Patrons Bohemian yarn (I used one skein, because that’s what I had on hand, but I would recommend buying 2 skeins b/c it would make you less anxious of running out of yarn like I was. keep the recipt and you can return it if you don’t use it.)

size 10 needles

yarn needle for weaving in ends


CO 8 sts.

k2 p2 across the row . repeat for 10 rows

now, p2 k2 across the row. repeat 10 rows.

k2 p2 across row again for 10 rows.

now here is where the ‘not so magic’ part starts. knit across the row. knit until the garter st part is equal to the basket st part. on mine, it was about 11 inches.

this next step is optional: add a key hole to it. co 3 in the middle of the scarf and co them back on again the next row. I would suggest k2, co until 2 sts left, k2. if you don’t want a key hole in the middle of your scarf (this is the middle) then put a safty pin in the last row to tell you were you ended this garter st section.

now, garter st the same amount as before (11 inches)

by now, you should have 3 ‘sections’ of equal length.

next, k2 p2 across the row . repeat for 10 rows

now, p2 k2 across the row. repeat 10 rows.

k2 p2 across row again for 10 rows.

bo in pattern. enjoy your new scarf!

I’m sorry that I don’t have a pic, my camera is broken. 😦 If someone finishes this, PLEASE email me a pic!