The Life and Times of a Teen Knitter

Back to school :{

I’m sad about school starting back up again. But, then again, I’m happy because I have fun (sometimes) at school. whatever. it’ll be fine, I guess. But i have to get up at 5 again. kill me.

rain, rain, go away. Come again another day.

Hey everyone!  Actually the title is misleading.  I actually love rainy days.  They are my favorite days ever!  They make you want to wear fuzzy socks and curl up and knit and watch sappy love stories!  Yay!

I’m actually going to be featuring knitting on this blog soon!  I’m going to start a hat for the Chunky Monkey Hat/Cowl  KAL!  That’s a mouthful.  I think that I’m going to do a simple roll brimmed hat.  I’m at the library now, and I’m going to ask my mom if we can stop at the local Michael’s on the way home to buy knitty goodies.  I think that I’m going to make a hat-scarf-glove set, in a deep purple or burgandy.  They are such pretty colors!

I can’t believe it’s almost semptember.  I, for one, LOVES september and october.  They are my favorite months, because fall is my favorite season of all time!  I love how crisp the weather is and how pretty the leaves look when they change color and how there are pumpkins and scarecrows and gourds.  I love how in fall, it’s not too hot, but it’s not that cold, and you can wear jeans!  I love jeans.  I love going to pumpkin patchs.  I actually just applied for a job as a seasonal employee at a pumpkin patch!  I hope I get the job, it would be awesome!  Spending weekends in one of my favorite places in the world!  I almost for got one of the awesome things about fall:  apples are in season!  I’m going to try my hand at making an apple pie this year, so that should be fun.  I also love the colors of fall.  Reds, burgandys, golds, oranges, etc.   They are so pretty!
So that’s that.  have a good day everyone!

Last days of summer…

So open house has come and gone, so that means one thing: only a few prescious days of summer left to enjoy.  BUt, these last days (at least at my house) at filled with back-to-school supply shopping, cleaning, and getting ready for the new year.  Since I’m going to be having block schulding, I’m only have 3 academic classes a day, plus band/pe (they alternate x and y days).  So this semester I’m taking English, French, PE/Band, and Advanced Algebra 2.  So, it should be “fun!”  Totally.  All the school supplies I need are a new band book, 2 binders and a notebook!  This is the least amount of school supplies I’ve needed-ever!  So that’s exciting.  So I picked up my school supplies, plus a pink pencil case (the kind that was 5cents at staples!), pens, pencils, dry erase markers, and book socks.  I’m really nervous, because I’m going back to public school after 1 1/2 years of private. (!)  So I’m pretty nervous, but I think that it shouldn’t be that bad because I have french and band/pe with my one of my really really good friends, so that’s awesome. But I’m really unhappy about my lunch.  On X days, I have 3rd lunch (there are 3 lunches, the only one that’s at like 12:30), and on Y days, I have 1st lunch (which should be called “breakfast”)  Joy.  So that should be, erm, fun.  But I love the smell of new school supplies and the pencil-erasar-chalk-floor polish school smell.  Yum.

A new thing that I have started is a youTube channel!  Yep, I’m a youtubechanneler!  Find me on youtube, I’m knittchick there as well. I only have one video up now, because it’s taking forever to up load, but I have many more coming, I promise!

So what are you doing these last days of summer?  Lemme know!

Took a little [unexpected] break….

Hey Blog!  I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry for just disappearing like that.  I needed a break, and I got it.  But the good thing is that I’m back.  I really am!  I’m serious.  Stop laughing, because I’m going to do my best to write at least once a week.

Not a lot, no, make that NOTHING has been knitted.  I haven’t been knitting at all.  I also needed a break from that.  This doesn’t mean that I’m stopping forever, I usually take the summer off from knitting because I hate my hands being hot, and knitting does that for me in the summer. Soon, i’m starting my winter wear knitting, scarves, hats, gloves (hopefully!).

In other news, I’m starting school on September 2nd.  I’m a little excited, but kinda nervous because I’ll be new.  I know a lot of kids though, so that’s good.  Have you gotten your back to school clothes yet?  I haven’t- well, I got a pair of jeans.  I’m planning on going with some friends or buying some online.  Forever 21 has tanks for $3.50! That’s a bargain.  I’ll post some photos later.

I’m curious what you guys buy for school.  I usually some ts (3)  and a pair of jeans, and a pair of shoes.  In the past years I’m gotten a lot more, but i’m saving my money for the big sales after school starts!

Bad Blogger Sorry

I’m sorry that I’ve been such a bad, infrequent blogger. I really do try to get posts out, but with school in the way,,,you know.

So news! I’ve decided to participate in the Summer of Socks 08 this year. I think that it’ll be fun, so I decided to do it! I’m not participating in the most pairs/vacation pics, but I will be posting some cool pics to the blog. I’m planning on finishing my two that I have, and starting my first “two at a time” socks for the SOS’08. I think that that is a good way to start, do you?

If you don’t know, I also sew. I’m getting back into it, and decided that I wanted to do a quilt. But, we don’t have any batting at my house, so I decided to get creative. I’m going to do a denim quilt! What I’m going to do is take all of the denim/old pants (I have about 12 that I have collected over the years) and make a back/front of a quilt. Then I’m going to use some fabric, and make another side.  I guess it will kinda be like a patchwork quilt, but I’m not going to use batting because of the denim back.  I think that it will be very warm and awesome!

More knitting news… I knit a Huggable HedgeHog (<- ravelry link)!  She’s ADORABLE! I love her so much.  Her name is Ruby . She doesn’t have any eyes or a nose yet, but I’ll embodier some on soon.  Also, I’m almost done with a sock.  And I turned a heel on another.  Plain vanilla socks are just so BORING.  I need to do a patterned one- and soon.  I was thinking either the Monkey or the Jaywalker from Knitty.  What do you think?

I’m soo glad that school is ending soon.  Exam week is the first week in June and then it’s SUMMER time.  Plus knitting time.  Which totally rocks.  Honestly?  I really can’t wait.  Plus, my birthday is June 28th, so that’s awesome as well!  I’m also glad to get away from the stresses of school.  Plus, that means MORE knitting time!  It’s a totally great package.

I’m thinking of changing the theme of the blog.  Suggestions?

Okay, well that’s all for today!  Have a great weekend, everyone!